Meet The Team


Dana Buckler 
Dana Buckler, originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, has had a life-long fascination with movies and the film industry.  As a teenager, and shortly before moving with his family to the United States, he worked at a local video store.  Customers would pick a movie off the rental shelf and ask him ”How is this movie?”   
Fast-forward twenty years and Dana started a podcast called HOW IS THIS MOVIE?  Popular with film buffs around the world the podcast has recently celebrated it’s 6-year anniversary.

Now Dana is expanding his platform and the potential to explore new areas of interest with the introduction of THE DANA BUCKLER SHOW.

Mike Scott

Mike has recently joined The Dana Buckler Show as the co-host of The 20th Century Movie Club, and it’s been one of the best experiences of his life.  Obsessed with movies from a very young age, they have been the one constant throughout his life. Ostensibly a lawyer in his day job, movies are his true passion.  He loves movies of all types, but he specializes in genre, especially action and martial arts. He rarely likes comedies. Do not @ him about that.

Ashley Schlafly

 Ashley joined the Dana Buckler show in November 2018 and had since fallen in love with podcasting and the deep dives into films she's had the pleasure of doing with Dana. As far as movies go, horror is her go to every time, but she's a fan girl for everything from LOTR to Star Trek to her favorite Buffy. Feel free to geek out with her on any and all of the above at any time @ashleyschlafly on Twitter.

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